In the winter months, in addition to roofing, we offer snow removal from the roofs. Professional roofers will perform snow removal, providing a guarantee for all work. By entrusting us with these works, you will be able to be sure that in the spring you will not encounter problems, that the roof covering is damaged or that the roof has started to flow.

All works have Civil Insurance EUR 300,000

Roof cleaning from snow (roof slope 0-15˚) – 0.45 – 0.65 euro / m²

Roof cleaning from snow (roof slope 15-30˚) – 0.55-1.90 euro / m²

Roof cleaning from snow (roof slope 30-45˚) – 0.90 – 2.55 euro / m²

  • The price is valid if the snow cover does not exceed 0.50 cm

  • The minimum order price for roof cleaning is EUR 500

  • The price includes CTA insurance costs and social tax

  • Prices are without VAT

  • Ongoing roof cleaning service

For a fixed monthly fee, we guarantee a constant inspection and clean the roof of snow, icing and icicles throughout the winter. This prevents the dangers of snow and icicles falling on pedestrians and vehicles. The average cost of this service is from 1.40-2.00 euros / m² per month.