The lifespan of clay tiles, even in the climate of the Baltic region, is at least 150 years, the lifespan of concrete tiles is from 100 to 150 years. This has already been proven by life and there is no need for unnecessary evidence. When people learned to roast clay, they began to use this durable, fireproof material for their roofs as well.

The tiled roof creates a harmonious impression. Today, there is a wide choice of tile shapes, surface coatings and materials. The tile roof is quiet in rain and hail, energy efficient in both hot and cold climates, electrostatically neutral, ecologically clean and visually attractive.

It is important to choose the most acceptable roofing in terms of price, quality and durability, manufacturers give a clay and concrete tile warranty of up to 50 years.

The advantage of a tiled roof compared to other roof coverings is the ecological purity of the material used – they contain only cement, sand, water and paint pigment. No chemicals are used in the production process, but most importantly no petroleum products are incorporated.

Compared to clay tiles, concrete tiles are more accurate. This parameter is determined by the manufacturing technology – concrete tiles are not fired, but pressed and dried, so the building material is not exposed to high temperatures, which inevitably deforms the future product. It is this factor that facilitates the installation of the roofing.

In Norway, 80% of houses are covered with concrete tiles, 20% with clay tiles. In sunny and hot Italy, on the other hand, the proportion is different – 70% clay tile versus 30% concrete tile roofs. This choice of Nordic builders is understandable, because concrete tiles have good thermal insulation properties, they are durable and that is why this material is used in harsh climatic conditions – in winter the roof retains heat, but in summer coolness.

The production technology allows to give a wide range of colors to the concrete tiles, because in the factory, during the production of the tiles, they can be mixed with any color pigment. Therefore, they can be assigned any of the colors of the rainbow. The top layer of acrylic is very thin, but its main mission is to keep bright colors even when exposed to the sun. Concrete is an almost eternal material, because there are not many conditions that could adversely affect it.

A roof made of concrete tiles has countless more advantages than a slate and metal roof. Concrete is more durable and therefore also makes the house last longer.

One of the biggest advantages of a tiled roof is that such a roof breathes and minimizes condensation. And, of course, it is quiet even in heavy rain, ensuring you peace and well-being in the house.